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Hi there. These pages provide information about things I have produced. This site is primarily targeted to software projects, but it will also feature some hardware I built. Some of the stuff you'll find here is really old (It's my way of making sure I don't lose anything). Other stuff is quite recent. Anything you read or download from this site is free for you to use (but, as is tradionally the case, there are no guarantees or refunds).

Use the menu to navigate the site. Any comment on this site or its contents is highly appreciated. If you know whether or not the MIDlets on this site work on your mobile phone, please let me know. Consult Contact Me to reach me. Have fun!

Joost van Gils

Middoku for your mobile phone
ImageMiddoku is the well known game of Sudoku (or Su Doku) for your mobile phone. It's available now for most modern devices and it's free Laughing.
Midtris for your mobile phone
ImageMidtris is a clone of the well known game of Tetris® for your mobile phone. It's available now for most modern devices for free Laughing.

ImageRobocode is an application that allows robots (small tanks) to go to battle in an arena. You have to design the intelligence of your robot yourself. This is done in the Java programming language. A while back, I designed two simple robots. This page is dedicated to them. What's really cool about Robocode is that by implementing just a couple of methods, you can have immediate visual feedback (and gratification). My robots do a little more than implement the bare basics, but are in no way competitive with the worlds best. I think Robocode is a fun way of learning how to program (and particularly in Java). It's fun to compete with your buddies/colleagues.

Perfect Numbers
ImageAt work, we have this tradition of inviting your co-workers for a piece of cake when it's your birthday. In such an e-mail invitation, the birthday boy's or girl's age is often cryptically described. One such descriptions was: "last year my age was perfect". After remembering what was so special about perfect numbers, I wrote this little piece of software (many years ago). Perfect numbers are closely related to Mersenne primes.
Match for your PDA

ImageWhen I got a my HP Jornada 760 series, I was eager to write some software for it. Chai came pre-installed. Chai is a Java VM implementation by HP. I don't think it exists anymore.

Level Editor for platform games
ImageA long, long, long time ago, I decided it was time to write a game. A platform type game it would be. The operating system of choice was MS-DOS. Windows was not yet very popular at the time. And in any case, I didn't know anything about it. I figured that somewhere along the line, I would need a tool with which to create the levels. And before even thinking about any game details, I set out to creating a level editor. The platform game never materialized, but the level editor was salvaged from a floppy disk. In an ongoing effort to rescue anything I created that is remotely interesting, I'm presenting it here.
Dungeon Quest

ImageDungeon Quest was one of the first proper games I wrote. It was way back in 1989. The program is written in QuickBasic, the graphics were done by my brother. What follows now are the instructions the way they were written many years ago. You can get the executable plus associated files (including the source code) as a ZIP file from the the download section of this site.

Will it run on my device?

Will those MIDlets run on my device?

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