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File Title:   Midtris.jar    download_trans.gif Download
Description:    Midtris is a Tetris clone for your J2ME enabled device. It should work on most modern cell phones. Download this file and use a data cable, InfraRed, BlueTooth, etc. to transfer it to your phone. Your device should support at least CLDC-1.0 and MIDP-2.0 and should have a display capable of displaying 100 x 100 pixels. For Over The Air downloads, point your phone to http://mobile.vangilz.com/j2me.
License:    This program may be used and distributed freely. When distributing this software, it must be done free of charge.
Submitted On:    23 Mar 2006
Submitted By:    Joost (admin)
File Date:    22 Mar 2006
File Author:    Joost van Gils
File Version:    1.0.3
File Size:    94.81Kb
File Type:    jar
Downloads:    38
Screenshot:   screenurl

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