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Sunday, 23 April 2006

ImageWhen I got a my HP Jornada 760 series, I was eager to write some software for it. Chai came pre-installed. Chai is a Java VM implementation by HP. I don't think it exists anymore.

ImageThe game of Match is really simple. Once you've started the game (by pressing 'Spelen' or Play), look at the left column. One of the images in this column is high lighted with a yellow rectangle. Now in the right column, select the image that best matches it. If you select the correct image, another image will be high lighted in the left column and the game continues. If you've done all 6 images, you may push the 'Volgende' (Next) button. The 'Help' button get you to the help page.
The game is currently shipped with 6 tile sets. My idea was to create many different tile sets. I also wanted to include some arithmetic and other question and answer type puzzles. These never materialized. The engine is there, however. All that is needed is some Photoshop work to create new tile set GIFs.

Match is a little game originally designed for PocketPC PDAs with screen resolutions of 240 x 320 and it benefits from the touch screen capabilities of such devices. It should also work on other Java (J2SE) enabled devices. You can run in on any PC with Java installed. The program appears as a borderless window at the upper left corner of the screen. You can use the mouse to select the matching image in the right column.


In the download section of this site, you'll find a ZIP archive that contains an executable JAR file, the tile sets, and the source code.

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