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Tuesday, 25 April 2006

ImageDungeon Quest was one of the first proper games I wrote. It was way back in 1989. The program is written in QuickBasic, the graphics were done by my brother. What follows now are the instructions the way they were written many years ago. You can get the executable plus associated files (including the source code) as a ZIP file from the the download section of this site.




Programming by J.J. van Gils

Dungeon Quest is a graphics adventure game for VGA and MCGA (PS/2 mod 25/30) machines. It works on any IBM compatible XT or AT. The game is written in Microsoft QuickBasic, and is therefore pretty large.

ImageThe object of the game is to get to the end of the maze with as many experience points as possible. In doing so, you will meet many evil creatures such as bats, orcs, spiders, cobras and skeletons.  You will also be able to get many weapons such as daggers, spears, swords, and crossbows. These, you can buy when you find diamonds, gems, or treasure. Torches are also needed to complete the game.

ImageWhile wandering through the dungeon, you will come accross keys. These can be used to open doors. The right key is needed to open a door.

As you go north into the dungeon, your foes will be tougher to beat.  It is therefore advisable to stay south until you have better weapons and more health (which is also gained as you get more experience).

ImageDuring play: (make sure Num-Lock is on)

8 = move up
G = get an item
2 = move down W = change weapon
4 = turn left O = open door
6 = turn right Q = quit game
5 = pass  

During combat:             space = attack

You will die when you run out of health during combat, you run out of torches, or when you run out of food.


  • Tougher foes do more damage and are more difficult to kill
  • Better weapons do more damage and cost substantially more
  • Running into a closed door will cost you 10 points of health

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